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There are places all over the world that leave unforgettable memories. Saint-Emilion is one of them. It is a journey to the heart of its vineyard that we proposed to you here, to discover its nectars and its winegrowers.
In 1999, the Juridiction of Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France became the first vineyard to be included on the World Heritage List as a cultural landscape. With a thousand-year history, the village of Saint-Emilion and its surroundings are now internationally renowned and welcome more than one million visitors each year. The medieval city and its golden stones, the many family properties that make up the “hill of a thousand castles”, the vineyards spread over hills, valleys and underground quarries… thanks to its perpetual relationship with nature and man has shaped these exceptional landscapes from generation to generation, always in accordance with the exceptional values recognised by UNESCO.

Sarana Khoo, a young artist and first local PNA certified Trainer, has trailblazed and trained PNA Instructors since 2014, popularizing this art with more than 100 instructors from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Tales of Nagomi” will be the first PNA exhibition ever held locally with more than 100 artworks from these countries. Among […]

Martin Luther. King: History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. T H E  E X H I B I T I O N 12 August  –  02 September 2018 (Tuesdays  –  […]

More or Less is an art exhibition that profoundly showcases artworks from Malaysia and Taiwan. As you witness the rawness and purity portrayed by each artwork, you will also view through the eyes of the artists and tap into their minds through their artworks. Discover layers of narratives and fragments of stories told by each […]

Art is a way of life – Powertex enlightens your infinite artistic talent
台灣生命藝術家 – 許小琬親自率團,首次遠赴國外展示『紡織品雕塑複合媒材的藝術創作』

Ushering in the auspicious year of the dog this year, Oriental Art and Cultural Centre (OACC) presents you a 150 pieces of dog paintings exhibition by local Chinese painting and calligraphy maestro Kerk Won Hoo. Among the 150 pieces paintings, Golden Retriever, Pekingese, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Siberian husky, Beagle, German Shepard are the breed featured. […]