DREAM BOUWEN by Zingirlbell 筑梦

PBell Lim graduated from the Fine Arts at the Kuala Lumpur Academy of Fine Arts and she does illustrations under the pseudonym of Zingirlbell. Young Zingirlbell experienced a rollercoaster ride called life, though being under harsh circumstances of life, she did not admit to defeat but continue to strive as she realized her true value and goals in life. The power of faith and the love of her relatives and friends are what helped her to stay strong. Zingirbell goes through a series of missions as she heading towards her dream. The fairylike trees, magical sky, blooming hydrangeas and big whale are the imaginary settings that tell us different story that would encourage us to strive towards our dreams. Zingirlbell also hopes to inspire her fellow friends and fans to never give up their dreams no matter how hard the challenge is.

In this exhibition, she will present to you over 60 pieces of illustrations in different media. Exhibition starts from June 24th to July 15th, opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 11am to 6pm at first floor of OACC is open to visitors for free admission. In conjunction with the exhibition there will be workshops organized in OACC respectively on 30 June and 8 July. For more information, please call 03-77856371 or visit facebook OrientalArt&CulturalCenter