Tales of Nagomi

Sarana Khoo, a young artist and first local PNA certified Trainer, has trailblazed and trained PNA Instructors since 2014, popularizing this art with more than 100 instructors from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Tales of Nagomi” will be the first PNA exhibition ever held locally with more than 100 artworks from these countries. Among the exhibitors ranging from 4 to 81 years old, we have our most senior folks from Valley of Hope (Leprosy Home). ‘Anyone can make beautiful art’ – this is the social mission of PNA. “Tales of Nagomi” shares exhibitors’ heartwarming personal narratives created through art.

To introduce this unique finger-painting art that promotes harmony and joy to more people, there are workshops and taster sessions during the exhibition for public to register. Adults and children are welcome. Exhibition open for public viewing from 7 Oct – 21 Oct with free admission. For any inquiry call: 03-7785 6363 or visit our Facebook:  Oriental Art & Cultural Center

Angel Feather 魔幻异世界 Rainbow Heart 蝴蝶飞呀飞 神秘喵星球 玫瑰五感官疗愈力 龙猫 Little Prince Imagination