A Journey Through Music Vinyl (Classical Music)

8 October 2017 (Sunday)
A Journey Through Music Vinyl (Classical Music)

Vinyl experience just like a “listening ceremony”, it start with choosing our favorite vinyl with the cover, remove the vinyl record from the cover and slowly place it on the turntable, the moment the stylus falls on the groove of the rotating disc, the simulation given by the acoustics system bringing you to the huge orchestra in front of you, it gives you more than just music. That is why many renowned writer and artists like Haruki Murakami are still listening to vinyl music.

Tenor singer Stefano Chen will be guiding you into the world of vinyl music. He will be sharing his experience on vinyl music and analyzing the background of music composing, playing the CD or MP3 for a comparison of playback from vinyl record. Opening up the wrong myth of vinyl music, listen to the real sound played by the great musician and find the real listening experience.