The Conquering . Naked Tree . Chapter Wood – Khoo Boon Want Solo Exhibition

28 May – 25 June

28 May / 2pm – 3pm

28 May / 3pm – 5pm – Wood’s Talk

06 June / 2pm – 4pm – No Wood No Mood

11 June / 2pm – 5pm – In A Mood For Wood

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Daily life is a source of reference to his creation, nature is his artistic teacher. To integrate the natural world into modern life has been his insistence on art and philosophy.

Those drifting wood that loses its vigor in the riverside, those worthless waste materials on the street, will be resurrected by him, given them a new life. In the ancient Chinese book stated: “The wise man invent, the clever one described it”. Obviously, Khoo Boon Want is both, you will find the simplicity of contemporary western style in his work, yet he vividly illustrates the concept and philosophy of “the use of the useless” put forward by Master Zhuang of China.

The Conquering- Chapter Wood.
Art is daily life.

** The Conquering is a series exhibition initiated from “Chapter Clay” July 2016 at Hall 2 of OACC.