Khoo Boon Want Solo Exhibition

Paying attention to our family members to the extent of knowing their body lines, the shape of their hands, legs or eyes is a rare case in Asian family. We always avoid looking into the eyes of the loved ones or embrace each other with a hug.

Artist Khoo Boon Want is trying to express his inspiration through his sketches on hands, shoulder, legs or eyes of his mother and brother. This process awaken him from the issue he has been avoiding from young, the challenging skill of drawing hands and truth of being realized his mother’s aging and having a Down Syndrome brother. All this has pass through him like wind from many years ago until he suddenly think of drawing his mother’s hand. The realization brings him back to his prime point of life where he takes the courage to face them and this process brings him to a new discovery of the warmth and beauty of his family members’ relationship which enable him to strengthen the family relationships.