FESTIVE FUN Workshops 2018

A Parent & Child Festive Celebration

OACC is bringing you a series of relaxing workshops in the upcoming December. Friends from the age of 5 to 80 are all welcome. Come to learn and make some hand made goodies  for your friends and family in the festive season!

08 Dec (sat) - QUILLJOY - QUILL in hands, JOY in heart (for beginners)

It is an ancient handy craft where you started with roll and quill little pieces of art papers. Bit by bit, join and match together becoming a full art work.

A fun workshop suits for friends aged 7 to 80. Join us and bring home with a complete art work of 17cm x 12cm.

Time :   11am—1pm  ( 2 hrs )
Age : Age 7 –80 yrs old
Fee : RM90 (Quilling paper, Slotted tool, Kids sizer ruler guide, glue, Fun templates cards  )
– Min: 5 pax
– Max: 10 pax

8 Dec (sat) - Fashionable Shell
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Mdm Yap teaches you how to make Eco-Friendly handicraft from Japan . “ Dress up “calm’s shell with  bright colour cloth and give away to your BSF—best friend  forever.

Time : 11am—1pm  ( 2 hrs )

Age : Age 10 –13 yrs old

Fee: RM100 ( Inclusive of Tool Box: needle, thread, scissors, cloth, Shell )
( Participant brings along pen & notebook )

(min) 5 – 10 (max) pax

8 Dec (sat) - Fun Dyeing In Blue
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What’s BLUE DYE?

Find out from this amazing workshop , using natural ingredient and simple technique to create your unique eco bag and mini table cloth or scarf.

Time : 2 pm—4pm  ( 2 hrs )


Parenthood group A–@ RM 90    Age 5-7 yrs old  child  must accompany with a family  member )

Parenthood group B–@ RM 130  ( Age 8-12 yrs old child + 1 family member )

Group C — @ RM 90   ( Age 13 and above )

(min) 8 groups – 15 groups (max)

12-14 Dec - Merry X'mas With Your 1st Ukulele
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Wish to learn and able to play an instrument in just 7 hours. Join us in this 3 Days course and bring home an Ukulele to cheer up your X’mas celebration with family and friends.

Time : 2 pm—4.30pm  ( 2 ½ hrs )

Age :Age 7 –18 yrs old / 7 yrs old child must accompany with parent)

Fee : RM280 ( 3 lessons ) ( 21” Ukulele, Free mini booklet, bag, tuner )

(min) 5 -10 (max) pax

14 Dec (fri) - Water Colour Brush Lettering
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A classical British art that simply elegant. All you have to learn is the basic writing skills and the colors mix and match, that simple.

An easy learned skilled art that suits you and your kids. You may beautify your greetings card, T-shirts, bags etc anytime.

Time: 2 pm—5pm  ( 3 hrs )
Age: 7 – 70 yrs old
Fee: RM190
( inclusive Pental Aquash water brush pen, Drills alphabets practice sheets   )
Water colour paint will be provided during workshop

(min) 5 -10 (max) pax     

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Simply with color papers, you could create your own 2D Snow, or a 3D X’mas tree… …

A festive fun hand craft workshop for your kids to add on their creativity on the X’mas Card for the love ones.

Time : 11am—1pm  ( 2 hrs )
Age : age 5 –12 yrs old
Fee: RM75
Scissors, colour paper /card, fishing rope and marker pen provided to use during workshop .

(min) 6 – 15 (max) pax

How could we miss making ourselves a lovely Chinese New Year (CNY) gift? –wooden shoes

Daddy or mummy, bring along your child to draw, paint, and nail…… both to enjoy the moment creatively decorate a pair of clogs specifically for him/her. Together we learn more about this Chinese traditional art inherited since 3 thousand years ago.

Time : 2pm – 5pm  (3 hrs)
Age : age 7 –12 yrs old (Child accompany with parent   to complete)

  • Participation on paired up basis: One Parent + One Child (aged: 7-12)

Fee : RM100 (Inclusive of a pair of kid’s size clog )

Painting material to be provided during workshop

(min) 3 – 6 (max) pairs