The importance of education is vital in providing a strong foundation in order to nurture and enrich the growth of the Malaysian arts and culture scene.

Thus, OACC has initiated the Community Outreach Programme, “SEED PROJECT”, to provide art education to children in rural areas. This project was launched in 2014 and has made its way to more than 20 primary schools, from Malaysia to Thailand and China.

The programme has drawn attention from the larger society and has successfully attracted many volunteers to extend their helping hands.



SJKC Kuala Kemaman


30 & 31 October



SJKC Kuala Kemaman


7 & 8 May


SJKC Telemong


27 & 28 June



SJKC Ketari


7 May


SJKC Batang Kali


23 July


SJKC Sang Lee


30 July


Jong Fa Foundation School

(Betong, Thailand)

10 December



SJKC Pooi Ming


14 January


Xintang School

(Hunan province, China)

5 July


Baoziyan School

(Hunan province, China)

6 July


Ping’an School

(Hunan province, China)

7 July



SJKC Cheong Hua, BNO


28 Aug


SJKC Sepang


17 November



SJKC Kay Sin

(Machang Bubok People’s Carnival)

27 January


SJKC Lembing


2 March


SJKC Kuala Kemaman


18 & 26 April


SJKC Pekan


27 April


SJKC Chong Hwa Wakaf Tapai


15 June



(SJKC Chung Hwa Temangan, SJKC Poy Hwa, SJKC Pulai & SJKC Khay Boon)

19 & 20 July