is dedicated to the idea of enriching a people’s lives through art.

The center was founded as a non-profit art space in 2010 under the auspices of Elken Foundation who is committed to encourage the understanding of Malaysian arts and culture.

As a community platform that could provide a space for artistic dialogues and open discussions, we aim to initiate and promote all forms of art-related programmes and to exhibit outstanding art pieces by artists of all disciplines. Up and coming, local young artists are always our first priority when it comes to the curation and selection process.

Other than nurturing the progression of these young artists, OACC hopes to further their artistic development by providing multiple perspectives and exposure within the multicultural context of Malaysian society and subsequently to spark new artistic creations.

The importance of education is vital in providing a strong foundation in order to nurture and enrich the growth of the Malaysian arts and culture scene. Thus, OACC has initiated the Community Outreach Programme, “Seed Project”, to provide art education to kids in rural areas. This project was launched in 2013 and has made its way to 10 primary schools, from Malaysia to Thailand and China. The programme has drawn attention from the larger society and has successfully attracted many volunteers to extend their helping hands.

OACC occupies a 3-storey building with an approximate area of 15 000 sq ft. There is a management office, art galleries, art spaces and a few classrooms. With the hosting of various artistic and cultural events, OACC aims to become the nucleus for cross-cultural dialogues. 

Our Vision

To establish multi-cultural art platforms, thereby enhancing, connect and promote art towards life.

Our Mission

As part of our effort, OACC serves as an art platform furnishes the art space for initiating dialogues in art and culture, to promote art education and foster young artists.

our TEAM

Dr. Cheah Thien Soong
Chin Yuen Seam

Eric Ch’ng

Mei Sik

Chong Kam Hoe

Goh Jing Yi

Ng Yik Thim